About the Game…

Jumpers have always existed through time. Their ability to jump into a time and place and fit in is remarkable.

A jumper has many jobs.Fashion_Plate_Manteau_1823

To observe history.

To record it.

To understand why.

To even try to change it when necessary.

Jumping through time from place to place, sometimes it’s hard to fit in, to understand the time and place they find themselves in.  Jumpers have to be smart, they must use the tools they have learned. Above all else, they must use their cunning and wits.  Jumpers must utilize the tools at their disposal to the best of their ability for all of all mankind.
Image result for clock gifThe hardest part to jumping is to keep moving forward.  To not rest on past heroics but to keep looking ahead to the next jump and to keep learning.

Are you a jumper?

Do you have what it takes to enter history and leave it with a better understanding of its people and places?

Prove it by playing the game…



27 thoughts on “About the Game…

  1. When I clicked on the information about the game the intro was really good. It gets me excited about the game. It is also inspiring.


  2. This isn’t really that bad for not having an engine, I can imagine how much time all of this took. Removing bugs, placing down all of the dialogue and other stuff. Must have been really tedious, huh?
    Nice work! 🙂


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