How to Gain Points

Pay attention to the Jumps, there are always extra ways to earn points!

  • A score of 80% or more on an expedition will give a jumper 15 points.
  • Successfully completing a jump will be rewarded based on jump assignment.  The assignment must show jumper gained knowledge from the jump and that the jump was useful to the overall game.  All points are posted next to the assignment.
  • Earn points by leveling up.  See level-up page for points and other information.
  • Extra-jumps are allowed to earn more points.
  • Bonus points are randomly assigned, pay attention and be vigilant.
  • 5 points awarded for every mistake found on this website.  10 points for every mistake found on an expedition.  Points are awarded only once to the first person to come forward with the mistake.

How to Lose Points

  • Disrupting other jumpers will cost a jumper 2 points per disruption.
  • Using the restroom will cost a jumper 5 points.
  • A jumper must follow school and class rules at ALL times. Different infractions will cost the jumper points based on the infraction. Mrs. Espeseth has the final word and judgment.
  • Jumpers must keep their hands to themselves at all times.  Any infraction of this particular rule will cost a jumper 5 points.
  • Poor Sportsmanship will cost a jumper 2 points or more based on the infraction.
  • Points will be deducted for numerous grammar and spelling errors
  • Late jumps lose 1 point per day.
  • Jumpers maintain a small footprint in all regards at all times.  Anything that disrupts that footprint will cost the jumper points.

How to Use Your Points

  • Choose a nickname when you have accumulated 10 points, all name changes will cost 5 points.
  • Your weekly participation grade will be solely based on the number of points accumulated playing the game.


Rules of the game may change anytime as issues come up without warning.