1. Students must jump in order.  There are no skipping of jumps allowed unless okayed by Mrs. Espeseth.
  2. Be sure to label your paper with Jump number, option number and/or opportunity number for clarification.
  3. To level up, a student must receive a score of 80% or better on an exam.  A student may not level up unless all options in that jump are completed as stated in the jump.
  4. Late jumps will be docked 1 point per day with the exception of emergency situations.  After all, jumpers have personal lives too.
  5. Plagiarism or stealing someone’s work, in any form will be punished with a 0. Be sure to use your own work and words at all times even when working with a partner.  And always be sure to cite any and all evidence EVERY SINGLE TIME you turn in an assignment.
  6. In the event a jumper does not take a jump seriously or does not make enough points for the jump to be termed valid, a jumper will be grounded and expected to perform tasks at lunch until reinstated.
  7. Poor sportsmanship will not be tolerated.  A jumper may be subject to a loss of points and/or disciplinary action may be taken by the school.  Please show good behavior at all times and treat others the way you would like to be treated.
  8. Class rules apply at all times. Please remember to show respect to all students regarding any and all comments made while playing the game.
  9. A moniker may be used on the Leaderboard after a jumper has accumulated 10 points.  The moniker must be appropriate, show good sportsmanship, and be okayed for clerical purposes.
  10. When commenting, be sure to use your first name, last initial, and period number for internet safety reasons.
  11. When working with a partner, each person must do their own work.  There is no copying allowed.  The reason partners are sometimes permitted is to that a jumper can talk through what they are thinking.
  12. An avatar may be used after a jumper has earned at least 6 badges.  The avatar must be appropriate, show good sportsmanship, and be okayed for clerical purposes.
  13. Mrs. Espeseth has the last word and reserves the right to change the rules at any time.


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Suggestions always accepted please use comment boxes at bottom of each page or jump.

Rules of the game may change anytime as issues come up without warning.